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Here is a DriveSHAFT wallpaper that I made. This one's crappier than my first DriveSHAFT wallpaper, but this one does have one thing the other one doesn't. You can actually see Patrick in this one. He's really small compared to the others but you can still see him in the back, playing the drums.

I will post my first DriveSHAFT wallpaper as soon as I can get it uploaded.

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It's been nearly seven months since Charlie's plane disappeared and aside from a few very lovely thoughts from Zap, we've not had any official statements from the band or its management. Until now.

Jilly ran into Liam at a charity event over the weekend and he graciously agreed to spend a couple of minutes recording a message to DriveSHAFT fans. We are happy to share the small sound file, as well as a transcript of the interview and a photo of Jill and Liam at Second Tour of Finland.


site update

Apr. 6th, 2005 12:06 am
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Wow, has it only been four months since the last site update? Where does the time go? Sorry kids, but you know how bad the winter blahs can be. Especially when the coolest member of your fave band seems to have dropped off the face of the earth. I know ya feel me.

Well we've revamped the site a bit, so hopefully it will be easier for you to find your favorite flavor in the horror box of chocolates that is Second Tour of Finland. There's a revealing new article by DS roadie Zap, photos of a few superfans flaunting their DS goodies, and we've even begun to compile articles that mention the Disappearance of Flight 815. Let us know if you come across any others, mkay?

As always, thanks for all your comments, even the snarky ones.


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Driveshaft has a myspace page!! Everyone shoudl go and support then in this time of grief and hope over our favorite member Charlie.

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hey all. i love driveshaft. i was kind of distraught when charlie went missing. i dont know wether to give up on him or what. i dont know.
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Hey, great commmunity! I was wondering if you had an interest in affiliating with my community, [livejournal.com profile] _driveshaft.

Hey :)

Feb. 13th, 2005 01:08 pm
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Hey everyone!  I think the website is fabulous, and I am printing out my decal  for my "Have you seen this man"  shirt, its brilliant.  I posted this wallpaper on the LOST Icons journal, but I figured Id post it here too because it was a Charlie wallpaper.  Lyrics from Jeremy Kushnier and his song Brooklyn Baby



You all everybody )

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So about the TV guide post... why did they say that driveSHAFT is fictional??? They are obviously stupid. And who is Duminac Monahan, and why did they say he was Charlie? I don't understand. And faux fan website?? I was pretty sure that that site is real!! I can't believe they said that driveSHAFT isn't real. MY LIFE IS BUILT AROUND THIS BAND, IT BETTER BE PRETTY DAMN REAL.

Right. That's all.


Feb. 1st, 2005 08:03 pm
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whipped up a few avatars...

this one was made with the help of Liampace's 'base icon'

and these were made using pictures from driveshaftband.com

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I know this is still hard for everyone, but it's been about a month since he went missing, right? Don't you think us fans should get some sort of talk about him from Liam and the guys? Yes, we respected them in their time of sadness, but I think some people (like myself) are starting to get a little restless. This isn't suppose to be taken in an angered way, but I'm a little surprised after all this time we've heard nothing. (Plus I think SToF needs a little update. ^^;)

"Keep up the Pace"
~Rock and Roll
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since DS swag is in short supply these days, we understand that fans might have the idea to take matters into their own hands and create some gear of their own. as far as we know, the band is totally down with fans doing stuff for fans, as long as money doesn't factor into it (as in, making money off of someone else's copyrighted material).

kind of like DriveSHAFT's long-standing policy about bootlegs: go ahead and tape and share them among friends, but selling any concert recordings for profit is in the no-no area. the uh-uh spot. you know?

covering our asses and yours,
jilly and marie siu
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Heyhey... does anyone know who designed the Driveshaft logo? I was thinking of making t-shirts, but I don't want to do it without crediting someone!! O.o'
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Obviously a big fan, if you couldn't tell. I come bearing gifts for the holiday season; four nice bases that could be turned into absolutely lovely Driveshaft icons. It's always good to show love for your favorite band of all time.

Three with Charlie and Liam, one with just Liam. )

Take at your fancy and enjoy, fellow Driveshaft fans.
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I made some Lost icons of random characters...


3. 9. 11.

Beware, some of the icons are a bit spoilerish if you haven't seen the last episode of Lost.

Onto teh Lost goodness... )
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I just wanted to post a few small things that are in my mind.

~:If anyone is really serious about wanting a DS t-shirt, I will make one for you! It *might* cost a little depending on what design you request. I *might* even be able to make a completely new design if you have a specific look in mind. (Price would range from $5-8, $10-12 for a brand new design -- have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! ^^)

~:There's a school dance called the "Sadie Hawkens Dance" and it hurts everytime I see posters or hear announcements because I'm always ready for it to say "Sadie Said". Everytime I think of Charlie and wonder how the Guys are doing, expecially Liam and the Pace family.. *sigh*

~:Finally, I was surfing around and came across a DS fanlisting which I thought some people may be interested in taking a look at! http://driveshaft.pixelled.com/driveshaft/join.php

-Rock and roll!-
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Triple-posting here, but I gotta post this!

I found a recent picture of Angelina Jolie, a very tattoed young lady, and her most recent addition is A DRIVESHAFT TATTOO

Big Pic )

How awesome is that???
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I made a driveSHAFT brush!

I took this from the STOF site, and made it into a Paint Shop Pro brush

Download from here

Enjoy everyone, be excellent to each other!
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I'm missing Charlie so much right now, so I went out and bought myself a lighter that look like Charlie's guitar

Baby lighter version of Charlie's Guitar, I named it Dora

With Boromir, and Sam. )
bet you're always wanted to see a pushie blood drop rocker )
Look, FIRE! (bad pic due to immense heat burning hand) )

How cool is that??
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