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ok, i've been checking on for this community for a month, but here it is, found it from the "second tour of finland". By the way, I live in Finland, and really hope they will come for another tour 'cos I missed the two before.. :((

Now I'm all excited about Lost again, yesterday I watched the whole second season in a row. 17 hours in heaven..
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Just a little reminder that the auction of the Liam Pace signed DriveSHAFT album covers is almost up and after 6pm PST on December 13th, you will lose the chance to own one of the rarest music memorabilia items you will ever see. Place your bids now and own your bit of Lost history and help out a very good cause. More information at Second Tour of Finland and please feel free to comment if you have questions!
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And... here we go! Sinjin goodness for all! The text is a phrase a friend of mine used to describe him, and it's stuck. *Grins*
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In response to my Charlie wallpaper, someone requested I do the whole band... (Heh heh heh) And, of course, I love a challenge. That's why I started with Patrick. For pics, well, my uncle was working on that aborted comercial, and he took me a few snapshots. I realized that I'd never gotten around to scanning them. And in most of them, Pat STILL manages to hide his face. What's WRONG with that man?
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I made a Charlie wallpaper from some old pics I found. Enjoy!
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Second Tour of Finland has been updated. New Articles, New Fan Contributions, and 46 seconds of a DriveSHAFT/Ben Folds mash up made in heaven.

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To take everyone's mind off the fact the site is down.

So that's where the gay rumours come from!

Or is it... oh no, Charlie! You've got something stuck to your mouth!

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Wow. I feel kind of stupid.

See, when I bought the album DriveSHAFT, I got the UK edition. It's fairly... well, to be kind, let's say 'minimalist' compared to the US edition. Example? It doesn't have a lyric sheet. This hasn't really posed a problem for me. The internet is a great asset, and the boys are fairly easy to hear anyway. But this was until I went to have a mosey at the lyrics page of STOF. Where they have the lyrics to Everybody. Or rather, (You All) Everybody. You all? I had always thought of it as 'you are'. Either makes sense given the context of the song, but it sure leaves me feeling like an idiot. Cue discussion on what Everybody means to you! I will start by saying that though I can see the appeal of Everybody, I've always preferred the rompy-stompy punk-rock beat of Last One Standing.
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For those that are interested, there are some really sick fuckers out there. This community, for instance. They've picked poor Charlie (God rest his soul) for their campaign of hate. They've even made a photoshop of Charlie hanging for their disgusting little site. Comments from the community include things like 'I hope he really is dead', and 'he looks like a fucking hobbit and I hope he dies'.

I know there's more to DS than just Charlie, but like a lot of other fans, I feel especially protective of him after what happened. And people like these really disgust me.
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Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the disappearance of Flight 815, which means it's been that long since we've heard from Charlie
Pace. Can it really be? Seems more like 40 days. (43 at the most!)

To mark the date, we've loaded a bunch of new (old) articles and interviews and pictures and lyrics to the site. So head on over to Second Tour of Finland and check it out. Then pop "Oil Change" in the cd player and have a good cry.

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I got hold of this link via the I Heart Driveshaft blog


does 'ask 3 times' mean anything to anyone?

Charlie Pace backstage
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Hi. My name's Taylor and I just wanted to say that I love DriveSHAFT. Charlie Pace is my idol and I miss him so. May we still hope and dream for him.
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can anyoen tell me or give me link to all of driveshafts lyrics or downloads please.
ive been searching forever thanks.


Jun. 9th, 2005 11:30 pm
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click the banner for a wee update.


Jun. 8th, 2005 04:06 pm
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I'm looking desperately for good pictures of Pat and Sinjin. I have pictures galore of Charlie and Liam, and a couple decent pictures of Sinjin (not nearly enough, though), but I swear there doesn't seem to be a decent picture of Pat anywhere on the Internet (and by decent, I mean a picture in which you can see his face. Why is that boy so camera-shy?)

If anyone has any pictures of Pat and/or Sinjin that they'd be willing to share, please please PLEASE help! I'll be in your debt!


STOF update

Jun. 2nd, 2005 12:10 am
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We've gotten a ton of new visitors over at Second Tour of Finland this past week. Sadly, we have no new info regarding Charlie's missing flight, but we have put up a few more tributes sent in by fans. Also, as far as I'm concerned, there's no such thing as "too much pimpin'" when it comes to Jilly's interview with Liam.

So head on over and check it out. And as always, thanks for all your comments, even the snarky ones.

Cheers! )
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Alright kiddies. I've got a new SN, and therefore got rid of my old one, Drive_shaft.

Does anyone want it? If so, Why should ye get it?

I hate seeing awsome sns go to waste.
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I've just found this community, and I am seriously glad there is a livejournal community for fans of driveSHAFT!!!! They are one of my absolute favourite bands ever! I don't care if my parents say they've been over and done for, like, ever. They haven't! They're amazing!

I'll post icons later! =D

Remember flight 815!!
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i just have a question about that website in the userinfo. did somebody from the community create that or is that made by ABC??
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Alright, if anyone's interested, here's my first DriveSHAFT wallpaper. I've uploaded it, but it hasn't really been added to my gallery yet so I'm not sure if it's going to work.

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